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JSPM's Imperial College of Engineering and Research, Wagholi   Accredited "A" Grade by NAAC

Co-Curricular Activities

Realizing the importance of learning beyond class rooms, the department encourages students to indulge in co-curricular activities. While arranging academic excellence, the college gives rich opportunities to the students to gain Communication Skills, Personality Development, Organizational skills and Leadership qualities through co-curricular activities. To hearten the skills and to embellish the study, students participate in various skill- rendering events of paper presentation, Technical quiz, which are conducted by various colleges. Some of the important activities in which students have participated and accomplished are given below.


Mechanical Engineering Student Association (MESA) whose members include both undergraduate and post graduate students periodically organizes lecture/seminars/demonstrations, industrial visits, technical contests.
Every year student teams design and build a new vehicle and participate in Gocart competition at Vishakhapatnam. Our team has been participating in this event since 2011 when the event was held in South Africa.
A team of Final year B.Tech. Students from Mechanical engineering participated in the DIPEX project competition at Walchand College of Engineering Sangali. and secured second prize.


1. To Build paths for students to develop their interest and talents within their scope of studies.
2. To develop technical skills


1. To learn new thing and become multi-talented , also a well-rounded person.
2. The holistic growth as well as to develop the various facets of personality development of children; classroom teaching should be supplemented with co-curricular activities.

Benefits of Co-curricular Activities

1. Allowing students to explore strengths and talents outside of academics (such as music, leadership, athletics, writing, and debate).
2. Helping students develop stronger time-management and organizational skills.
3. Teaching the importance of following through on commitments.
4. Giving students the opportunity to build friendships and participate in group activities outside of the tight circle of the regular classroom.
5. Helping to build confidence and self-esteem.
6. Providing a way to keep students supervised even outside of school hours and channeling their energies in positive directions (rather than toward drug abuse, crime, etc).
7. Building skills that are not necessarily taught in the classroom but are still important for the future.
8. Looking good on a school transcript or college application.

Co-curricular Activities

Sr.No. Title Description
1 Guest lecture With the purpose of providing knowledge by concerned experts, guest lectures are often arranged.
2 In-plant training On concentrating industrial oriented training, our college students are constantly encouraged to undergo in-plant training at leading companies.
3 Industrial visit To give an international exposure, to add the application oriented knowledge and to get employment opportunities throughout the globe the college conducts various industrial visits.
4 Cynosure It is an event conducted by the institution to develop a platform for inter college interactions. During this event students from various colleges participate actively and exhibit their talents and skills. Students from our institute also actively participate and compete with the students from other colleges to show their inbuilt talents. Cynosure also acts as a wonderful platform for the management students as it gives them the practical application of handling and managing a mega event.

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