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Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Department Of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering


To develop engineers addressing emerging challenges of industry and society.

Mission To develop competent engineers through effective teaching learning process.
To provide platform for coping with rapidly changing industrial and societal needs through collaborative add-on courses.

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From the HOD's Desk

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is a dynamic and exciting area that provides excellent career opportunities in various sectors of the society. The branch carries a lot of importance in the present day applications in areas like Embedded System Design, PLC & Automation, Internet of Things, Telecommunication Engineering, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning etc. The Department is determined to be in the fore front of providing quality education in contemporary and emerging areas. We are committed to encourage students/researchers to carry out innovative research to usher developments in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, keeping excellence in focus and deliver quality services to match the needs of the technical education system, industry and society. . We are committed to give our students an environment where they develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they advance through the program. In addition to classroom teaching, the students are guided and motivated to practically implement the principles learnt in classrooms through experimentations in the laboratories which help students gain confidence and become skilled engineering professionals. Courses in areas like Python Programming, Programmable Logic Controller, IOT (Internet of Things) etc are provided to students to train them and give them a leading edge. Also we have a Texas Instruments Innovation Center where training in the latest Texas boards and IOT is provided to all students to make them industry ready.
In addition to the U.G. Program in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department also offer P.G. Program in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering with specialization as Signal Processing. The department has an intake of 120 for U.G and 24 for P.G. program with 23 well experienced, qualified faculty members and well qualified technical staff. The department has state-of the-art laboratories in the areas of Communication, DSP, Analog Microprocessor & VLSI design etc. Department also has a Texas Innovation Centre established in association with Texas Instruments, USA. Department also has a long list of MoU’s with industries of national and international repute. In a nutshell, the department is well nurture to cater the needs of the education for the career enhancement of students from both technical as well as social aspects. Furthermore, the core values of the department help the students to develop their overall personality and make them worthy technocrat to compete and work at global level. We will continue to pursue our vision in the days to come and in the process add value to our stakeholders.

Dr. Sukhwinder K. Bhatia
Head, Department of Electronics & Telecommunication

Dr. R. S. Deshpande

Professor & Principal

Dr. Sukhwinder K. Bhatia

Associate Professor & HOD

Dr. Pravinkumar R. Badadapure

Associate Professor

Dr. Swapnil L. Lahudkar


Dr. Parul Arora


Dr. Sarika Malhotra

Associate Professor

Er. Vishal B. Raskar

Assistant Professor
PhD (Pur)

Er. Anuradha S. Deshpande

Assistant Professor
PhD (Pur)

Er. Preeti S. Topannavar

Assistant Professor

Er. Anand A. Trikolikar

Assistant Professor
PhD (Pur)

Er. Neelam S. Labhade

Assistant Professor
PhD (Pur)

Er. Seema B. Idhate

Assistant Professor
ME (Sig.Pro.)

Er. Mahesh A.Maindarkar

Assistant Professor
PhD (Pur)

Er. GaneshV.Karbhari

Assistant Professor
PhD (Pur)

Er. Kshetramala D.Pawar

Assistant Professor

Er. Hrishikesh N.Dhanawate

Assistant Professor
PhD (Pur)

Er. Dhanashri N.Naiknaware

Assistant Professor

Er. Sonali Mane

Assistant Professor

Er. Jadahav D.A.

Assistant Professor
PhD (Pur)

Er. Mahesh S. Patil

Assistant Professor
PhD (Pur)

Er. Timalapur Jahnavi Nagaraj

Assistant Professor
M.E(signal processing)

About Laboratories


Events /Activity

Webinar During Covid -19 Lockdown

Industrial Visit at Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope (GMRT), Khodad, Tq.- Narayangaon, Dist.-Pune.

Industrial Visit was arranged for SE (E&TC) students at GMRT, Khodad. This visit was intended to make all the students familiar with real time applications of different antennas. National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA) has set up a unique facility for radio astronomical research using the meter wavelengths range of the radio spectrum, known as the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT), it is located at a site about 80 km north of Pune. GMRT consists of 30 fully steerable gigantic parabolic dishes of 45m diameter each spread over distances of up to 25 km. GMRT is one of the most challenging experimental programs in basic sciences undertaken by Indian scientists and engineers.
Also On the occasion of Science Day, there was a project exhibition arranged on 28th and 29th February 2020 at GMRT.
Overall 33 students, accompanied by 3 faculty members, visited GMRT, Khodad,Pune.

Young Leaders

Date of the Event:4th and 5th Feb 2020.
Venue of the Event: B Building E&TC Department B-414
"Today, young professionals take higher role and managerial responsibilities much earlier in their career. Many of them also work for startups and SMEs where they need to go beyond their technical knowledge and have big picture of the business. So such events increases student’s leadership skills.”
Round 1.Memory test game
Round 2.Group Discussion.
Round 3.Theme based role play

Quick Model Making

Date of the Event:4th and 5th Feb 2020.
Venue of the Event: B Building E&TC Department
The objective of the event is to introduce the tools and techniques used for making models out of paper. Students to provide a platform to exhibit and share their knowledge and passion for science through interaction with peers and audiences.
Maximum five members in a group (Minimum three members )

Quiz Mania

Date of the Event:4th and 5th Feb 2020.
Venue of the Event: B Building E&TC Department B-402 and B-403
"Battle of the Intellects" Quiz Mania as the name suggests is a Quiz Competition aimed to gauge the General knowledge of participants by covering a wide range of topics such as Current Affairs, Sports, and Technology etc. The event was solely crafted for all the quiz enthusiasts.
Activity: Round 1:
This round based on a MCQ exam which was consisting of 50 questions based on current affairs. For each question, 1 mark awarded.
Round 2:
This round based on a MCQ exam which was consisting of 50 questions based on General Knowledge. For each question, 1 mark awarded.

Industrial Visit to BSNL Office

Industrial Visit to BSNL Office GMSC, Chinchwad Telephone  Exchange, Near Niramaya Hospital Chinchwad station,Chinchwad   Pune-19
The industrial visit was arranged for students so that students get practical knowledge of working of Base station controller, Mobile switching center and antennas used for mobile communication.
The BSNL RTTC trainers D.S. Borole and his team explained all sections of this station and also discussed about various aspects of modern day mobile communication. Prof. A. S. Deshpande & Prof. D. A. Jadhav along with 65 students were present for the visit.

Faculty Training Program on Learning Resources(10th to 14th DEC 2019)

Faculty Training Program on Learning Resources FDP is designed to enhance the teaching and other skills of the faculty. And to make them aware about modern teaching tools and methodologies. It provides an opportunity to acquire knowledge about current technological developments in relevant fields. It will not only promote the professional practices relevant to technical education but also motivates the faculty to achieve competitive teaching and learning environment, thus channelizing development with respect to academic qualifications and personal matters.
All units notes, last three SPPU question solution, required documentation was prepared by faculty during FDP under experienced teachers.

Marrow Technology Pvt Ltd Campus Placement Drive

MARROW Technology gives opportunities to students in software consulting, cloud consulting, research and innovation, product development.
MARROW TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD Campus placement drive was conducted for B.E. E&TC (Batch 2020) students on 5th August, 2019.. T & P department routinely organizes campus drives for B.E. E&TC students and offers jobs to them.
Students showed positive response for the Technical & Personal Interview.Approx. 71 students from JSPM Wagholi institutes participated in it. 15 students were shortlisted, 4 students were selected.

India First Robotics Pvt Ltd Campus Placement Drive

NDIA FIRST ROBOTICS PVT LTD Campus placement drive was conducted by T & P department of ICOER for B.E. E&TC (Batch 2020) students on 16th August 2019. India FIRST Robotics is India’s no.1 Robotics Education company, which is also into robotics automation manufacturing & research. IFR is consortium with BSI Kochi.
12 students were shortlisted, 6 students selected for Internship leading to Job.

AON Cocube Recruitment Preparation Tests (15th to 26th July 2019)

To prepare students for the placement tests, domain tests, coding tests and various aptitude tests.
The main aim of these tests is to provide practice sessions to students about various Cocube recruitment tests.
Tests were conducted in the E&TC Department for the students of BE (E&TC) for the preparation of Reassessment Exam of Cocubes. The biggest challenge today for the students is to decide which field they want to choose as their career and how to work for attaining the same. Cocube technologies conducted these tests for careers opportunities. Team members in Cocube Technology, shared their knowledge to all BE E&TC students. Cocube team had discussion with students regarding current trends in Electronics and IT field and opportunities in the same.

Venue of the Event: E&TC Dept., Research Lab.

Seminar on IoT and Python Technology(13/07/2019)

To make students aware about latest technologies of IOT, Python etc. To make students aware about the courses available in IOT, Python, PLC, SCADA etc.
This seminar was essential giving students a broader perspective to think in terms of career in Field of IoT and Python Technology. LIVEWIRE promote niche training in IT, Electronics & Electricals creating experts for emerging technology industries and specialist technology jobs. As part of CADD Centre, Livewire is Asia's largest CAD/CAM/CAE training institute. LIVEWIRE is present in 100 locations across India and 6 Countries.

Venue of the Event: E&TC Dept., Seminar Hall.

Audit course workshop at Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Engineering for Women by JSPM’s ICOER TEXAS Instruments Innovation Center.

A 2 day workshop for TE students was conducted on 1.3 & 2.3 for Bharti Vidyapeeth COE for Women. Dr. S. R. Patil Principal, emphasized the need for having such Technical worshop in the campus.Theory and hands on sessions were conducted and students were told about TEXAS boards like MSP430,CC110,CC3100, TIVA Launchpad etc.Students also showed a lot of zeal towards learning something new and advanced .
The institute in the past has conducted similar workshops for DY patil SOE, JSCOE Hadapsar, Dhole Patil COE, SBPCOE under TE audit course.

Venue of the Event: Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Engineering for Women

Audit course workshops for SPPU Colleges by JSPM’s ICOER Texas Instruments Innovation Center.

Texas Instruments* is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company which sells it to electronic designers and manufactures globally. The Texas Instruments University Program is dedicated to supporting engineering educators, researchers and students worldwide.
Our Innovation Center has been set up under this TI University Program.Training is provided to students and faculty for Texas Products. It covered complete application building concepts using MSP430 series MCU, TIVA platform & Energia platform. Due to ultra-low power consumption feature, it is widely used in portable devices.
This workshop was not only conducted for in house students but also 135 students and 5 faculty from outside colleges gave an overwhelming response. SBPCOE Indapur, DPCOE Wagholi, PGMCOE Wagholi, SCOE, Junnar, Shree Chhatrapati College Ahmednagar, DYPSCE Lohgaon to name a few.

Venue of the Event: JSPM’s ICOER Texas Instruments Innovation Center.

Faculty Training Program on Learning Resources (10th to 14th June2019)

Five days FDP was conducted before starting of Semester for preparation of learning resources of different subjects
Objectives of FDP:
1. To enhance the knowledge and skills of the teacher in state of art technologies in Engineering Domain.
2. To equip the teachers with modern methods of Teaching –Learning process, based on classical theories of Engineering Education.
3. To inculcate the professional ethics, values and competencies in teachers.
4. To provide guidance to adapt to the changes in curriculum via-a Vis Industrial needs.

Software Club Inaugural(1/7/2019)

“Software Club” is a group formed by students under which students will enhance their programming skill like C, Java, SQL etc. It will improve job opportunities for students as most of the MNC companies require this skill for their job profile. Program was started with welcome speech by final year students followed by Speech of Principal Dr. D. D. Shah. Head of Computer Dept. Dr. D. P. Gadekar and Head of E&TC dept. Dr. S. L. Lahudkar also motivated the students to reap maximum benefits from the club. Also Dr. S. K . Bhatia guided students about scope of programming skill. Entire Program is handled by student coordinators and ETSA members.

Guest Lecture on International Compliance and Quality Management (4/7/2019)

Guest Details: Mr.B.N.Praveen(Ex Quality Head, Videocon Group of Industries)
The theme of Guest Lecture was to bridge the gap between the academics and need of industry for quality management and assurance. The basic idea was to-
1. Highlight the need of industrial requirement.
2. Awareness among student’s industrial procedure and product design flow.
3. Develop a student as skillful employee.
4. Motivations and encouragement to the student by arranging various expert lectures.
5. Interaction with the outside world, study of market conditions.
6. How to face interview.
7 .How to build confident.

Department of E & TC hosted “Young Leaders” event under Cynosure 2K19

Department of E & TC hosted “Electro Quiz” event under Cynosure 2K19

Department of E & TC hosted “E-crossword” event under Cynosure 2K19

Two day Training program of Giga Fiber Home Connect from Reliance Jio Infocomm. ltd

Under the MOU with Reliance Jio infocomm ltd two day training was conducted for Giga fiber home connect for students and faculty .The process of fiber installation was covered in this session.

Department Industrial Advisory Board Meet (DIAB):

In every year college conducted DIAB meeting to evaluate strengths, merits, and weaknesses of the current curriculum in the context of the Department mission and program educational objectives. The aim is to bridge a gap between industry and curriculum.

“Memorandum of Understanding with Reliance Jio Infocom Ltd”

On the same grounds as “Pradhan Mantri Kushal Yojana” Reliance Jio infocom ltd. has launched certain skill development program, under which they have signed MoU with JSPM’s ICOER. Under this MoU a lab will sponsored as Jio giga fiber home connect lab. Also certified training will be provided to faculty and students. Based on certification the students will get opportunity for placement.

Guest Lecture on “Leading Change to Embrace Business 4.0”

The session was arranged for students so that students will get an idea about every stream of electronics and telecom industry which is available for them as an opportunity for career.

Guest Lecture on “Opportunities after GATE”

Student got an opportunity to interact with an E&Tc engineer who is currently working as Network Engineer and got the idea what are the roles of Engineer in the company.

Parents Teacher meet

The objective of meeting is to have talk with student’s parent about their progress, result Of internal test etc.

Industrial Visit “Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope (GMRT), Khodad, Tq.- Narayangaon, Dist.-Pune.”

The purpose of the visit was to give us a deep insight into the practical aspects of antennas which is our relevant field of study.

Arduino workshop

For diploma third year students workshop was organized as a value addition course for them .In workshop basic of arduino kit and its application was covered.

PLC Training workshop

Workshop was organized on PLC for third year students.

Student's Achievements

Student Achievements

Sr.No. Academic Year Dept. Name of Students Name of Event Venue Date Rank/Participation Technical/Sport/Cultural/ETSA/ISR
1 2019-20 E&TC Aniket Bambarse Digimania organized under Silicon Fusion AISSMS College of Engineering,Pune 18-20 September 2019 3rdvrank Technical
2 2019-20 E&TC Poornima Abhale National level Tech-Managment event JSPM Wagholi Pune 4 and 5 Feb 2020 1 St Prize Technical
3 2019-20 E&TC Akshay Kumar Sathe ICOER Sports- Carrom JSPM Wagholi Pune 4and 5 Feb 2020 Runner Up Sports
4 2018-19 E&TC Annu Kumari GATE 2019 Online AIR- 12804 (28.33) Technical
5 2018-19 E&TC Ajit Jamdade RedHat Certified System Administrator- Certification Online Certified Technical

Student Achievements

1. Sneha Singh , Amit Kumar,Mukesh Singh secured Fourth Rank in National Level Competition: STAND INDIA Competition.

2. Sneha Singh secured Second Rank in EXTEMPORE organized by CESA JSPM’s ICOER, Wagholi, Pune

3. Rajesh Ghorpade secured Twleth Rank National Level Competition STAND INDIA.

4. Shakti Gonewar, Pranjali Thite,Dhanshree Wabale, Achal Jain , Nikhil Dadage, Rushikesh Bhakare,Amol Kande secured Twentieth Rank National Level STAND INDIA Competition .

5. Vidharani Shinde secured First Rank in Karate 2nd Pupils Olympic State Games, Pune.

6. Mahesh Atkare secured Second Rank Laser Mirror, CYNOSURE2K17 organized by JSPM’s ICOER, Wagholi, Pune.

7. Sakshi Bindroo secured Second Rank in Project Exhibition arranged at Pune District Education Association’s Institute of Technology Hadapsar,Pune-28

8. Tejeet Magar secured Third rank in Project Exhibition arranged at PDEA, Institute of Technology, Hadapsar,Pune

9. Sneha Singh have secured Second Rank in Technical Paper presentation “PRAYUKTI’17”.

Student's Association

Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers Student Forum[ISF]

To give a platform for the student members to exchange ideas byorganizing/participating technical programs and activities.


Sr.No Designation Member Name
1 President Mr.Shakti Goenwar
2 Vice President Miss Poonam Mohite
3 Secretary Mr.Karan Dhobale
4 Treasurer Mr.Asim Suri

Electronics & Telecommunication Students Association(ETSA)

1. Plan of curricular and extra-curricular to be conducted in each academic Year.
2. To coordinate Technical and Non- Technical Activities organized in department.
3. Motivate students to participate and develop extra skills rather than academics.
4. To plan departmental budget of curricular and extra-curricular activities.


Sr.No Designation Member Name
1 Prof. H.N.Dhanawate Chairman
2 Akshay Kulkarni[M]
Pondharkar Rutuja[F]
General Secretary
3 Gaikwad Sagar[M]
Machale Nutan F]
Sport Secretary
4 Raghavendra Kulkarni[M]
Kale Gayatri[F]
Cultural Secretary
5 Suyanshi Radha Ladies Representative
6 Akhade Vaibhav
Dipali Chimpalle
Shivanjlee Gaikwad


Students get benefitted in terms of value addition in knowledge. Also students goes through Industrial environment which help in further carrier development.

Prashnamanjusha 2k18

Prashnamanjusha 2k18

Mr. Fresher's & Miss Fresher's

Shivaji Jayanti

Quiz Competition

Technical Event

DIAB Meeting

DIAB Meeting

University sponsored workshop

Industrial Visit TO E.K.Elactronics PVT .LTD

Inauguration of Student Forum Under IETE

PLC Workshop BY Mr.Bhavesh Kumar Singh Branch Manager Softcon India PVT LTD

Fresher’s party

To welcome the students in the department such party is always organized by dept. The aim behind this to make students comfortable in the department.

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Dr. Sukhwinder K. Bhatia
Head of Department (E&TC),
B-310, ICOER, Wagholi, Pune
020-67335100(Ext. 224)
Assistant Professor
B-405, ICOER, Wagholi, Pune
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Website Coordinator EDC Coordinator Admission Coordinator Admission Coordinator
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